FORCIT serves global OEM’s in warhead design, development and production. Our core competence is in engineering excellence for delivery vehicle effector part with full IM compliance. 

Warheads for Torpedoes and Missiles 

We supply our customers with customized Torpedo and Missile Warhead Solutions from planning and design, performance optimization, testing services, lethality analysis, system development, production, assembling and integrated warhead lifecycle services. 

Air to Ground Systems 

FORCIT has production facilities, technical competence and dedicated personnel for filling and assembly of Mk80 series or respective Air To Ground Systems and to support global operations from Europe. 

Anti-tank ammunition 

Development of next generation anti-tank ammunition warheads with full IM compliance ensuring safety in operations, transportation and storage. 

Lifecycle support 

FORCIT supports system components through the whole product lifecycle with performance and aging studies, obsolescence analysis and availability guarantees. Security of supply is ensured with every system in all operational conditions.