Breaching and demolition

FORCIT has 130 years of experience in explosives. We enable your access to all areas and provide superior tools for advanced EOD/IEDD operations.

Bangalore Blade

BANGALORE BLADE is a modern charge for breaching and mine clearance. It is light and easy to carry and has minimal fragmentation, yet it is highly effective with low NEQ.

Peno – Plastic Explosive


PENO is used for military demolition operations. It has a high detonation velocity and can be used for cutting and penetration of different materials.

Rebar Cutter

REBAR CUTTER is a shaped charge perfect for cutting steel bars and cables. Can be used to cut window bars, metal grilles and railings. REBAR CUTTER can be used in land and underwater operations.


DIOPLEX is an aluminium bodied linear-cutting charge. DIOPLEX is used to cut steel plates, structural components and concrete which contains rebar. The relative efficiency of the charge greatly reduces the amount of explosive needed.