Forcit and DA-Group provide naval mine systems to Estonia

Estonian Navy has procured Forcit BLOCKER sea mines, installed with target detection devices and supporting development, testing and maintenance systems developed by DA-Group. This technology combination from the Finnish companies Forcit and DA-Group ensures the most modern naval minelaying competence and safe operational concept for the extreme conditions of Baltic Sea. This innovative naval minelaying capability offers a safe, secure and affordable method for protecting sea lines of communication, maritime anti-access and area denial for territorial waters.

BLOCKER is a modern influence sea mine with devastating performance – the warhead contains fully IM compliant explosives equivalent to over 1000 kg of TNT. It is a cost-effective underwater weapon with long shelf life and minimal maintenance during the life cycle. Its DA-Group developed, world leading multisensor target detection system is extremely precise and can identify targets with exceptional accuracy. The operator has a wide selection of different kind of parameters and settings to select from to support various mission setups and diverse threat and target scenarios.

ATLAS Elektronik, a maritime high-technology enterprise with German roots will provide the minelaying planning and execution system.