Forcit and DA-Group combine their naval minesystem knowledge and offer sea mines in co-operation

Forcit and DA-Group have entered together into a co-operation agreement, combining their sea mine technology offering. Forcit BLOCKER and other Forcit sea mines will use DA-Group electronics and DA-Group’s TURSO naval mine family will use Forcit warheads with IM explosives.

DA-Group has a long history as an underwater mine and sensor systems and electronics provider. Forcit has been manufacturing sea mine warheads for almost a century. The two companies have developed their products in collaboration for years and they represent the top notch technology in this field.

Closer co-operation strengthens the development competences and eases the common marketing effort. This leads to better naval minelaying systems and enhanced sea mine capabilities to our customer navies.

The naval mines developed in collaboration share Forcit’s extremely safe but devastating IM explosive performance and DA-Group’s sea mine multisensor target detection system which is world leading technology, and it has been deployed successfully into operation from several mine types. The naval mine laying system consists of sea mines, target detection devices, programming devices, data logger, algorithm development tools as well as research and maintenance systems. These mines are extremely safe, reliable and cost-effective system with long shelf life and minimal maintenance during the life cycle.

These naval mine families are designed for extreme conditions, have unparalleled user safety, and they can be acquired with the SUMICO mine container. SUMICO adds mine laying capability to every vessel large enough to carry mission modules. Standard 20 feet SUMICO can hold 12 TURSO or BLOCKER mines and can be used for storage of the mines.